Summer 2014

It's been such a great year so far :). Travelling, meditating and experimenting as well as precious experiences I've gained and insightful conversations I've had with all those wonderful people I've been lucky enough to meet along the way have helped me to learn what is important to me in this phase of my life: I'm an adventurer who needs to explore, thus all the travelling. But as much as I'm a thrillseeker who embraces change I have also come to realize that all the roaming wouldn't be as life-enriching if I didn't have such a loving and supportive home base - my family, friends and a sacred routine - to come back to every time.

Musically, I've noticed the essential elements that always create a feeling of magic, happiness and flow inside of me are elaborate vocal harmonies in combination with strong compositions, a wide and round 'reverby' sound, a great vibe and ideally a beautiful room or spherical space to perform in.

This year two huge musical dreams of mine have come true:

I have finally managed to put a vocal group together consisting of 4 singers that are all good old friends of mine and former colleagues from the Berlin youth state choir. We have now started rehearsing for our Berlin kick-off concert in September with vocal group and full band. So excited :D!

The other thing I'd been craving to do for a long time was to team up with a hang player and create magical and mystical sounds as well as catchy songs together that range from world music to hip hop. In spring I met wonderful hang player Brais Calles in Barcelona and we immediately clicked musically. We played in parks and by the beach under a roof where we found an amazing natural reverb. Together with fantastic Berlin guitarist Daniel Pircher we have recently formed the musical trio Music Within. Our first official concert -The Below the Surface Experience - will take place on 19 September in London at one of the UK capital's most spectacular and mysterious venues - The Brunel Museum Thames Tunnel Shaft.

The Below the Surface Experience is going to be the most distinct and sensational event I have ever organized and performed at: Concert chairs will be replaced with yoga mats, blankets and cushions, and audience members will be encouraged to relax, sit or lie down comfortably in the midst of a hundred tea light candles, and take in the music in their own personal way - whether by just listening, meditating, cuddling, doing yoga exercises or through expressive dance. Details about the Below the Surface Experience will be posted on here shortly.

Summer/Autumn 2012

After 5 incredibly exciting and eventful years in London I recently relocated to my home base in Berlin. Being back in this gorgeous, inspiring familiar place I immediately bumped into old friends and music peers and started collaborating with a couple of extremely talented singer-songwriters, producers and instrumentalists, old and new friends. This phase is full of musical experiments, spontaneous jam sessions and gigs, and finding new inspiration in new things and changes, nature, travelling, people and life itself. I'm thrilled to see where this journey will take me musically. The outcomes will be posted on this site shortly.

May 2011

The last 4 months have easily been one of the most exciting periods of my musical life so far! Big things have been happening: I've had the great opportunity of working with highly sought-after producer Crada (who has produced for Alicia Keys, Drake, B.O.B., Kid Cudi, Tinie Tempah, Clare Maguire i.a.). It has been a very pleasant and fruitful collaboration which has brought a couple of really hot and catchy hip hop/R&B tracks into existence. At this point I am mainly focusing on writing song hooks and layouts for R&B, hip hop and pop tracks for other artists since it is my main goal for 2011 to establish myself as a commercial songwriter and get a publishing deal which will allow me to make music 'round the clock - the dream of any real musician, right??

Wohooo... and another thing really excites me these days: in 2 months' time I will FINALLY graduate from my Commercial Music degree!! In July I will move back to Berlin for a couple of months and start a new band up there!! Definitely thrilled;-D!!!!

November / December 2010

I am currently working on my EP "Slowly Feeling My Way" which I am planning to complete by Christmas, the perfect time to share my music with my friends, family and everyone else feeling and supporting what I do. "Slowly Feeling My Way" is a set of songs of rather contrasting styles I have been experimenting with over the last year. Three of the five songs on my EP are being produced at Ealing Studios by internationally recognized producer Hank Hughes and his two assistants Siggi Sigtryggsson and Gisli Kristjansson – 3 WICKED producers!!! - at the Ealing Studios in West London. I am so happy and excited about this collaboration;-D. THANK YOU LOOOOAAADS FOR YOUR SUPPORT, guys!!!

October 2010

During this year's Summer Camp at the Popakademie in Mannheim in met loads of amazing musicians from around the world. One of them was vocal teacher Liu Jibin from the Pop Music Academy of the Sichuan Conservatory of Music which is the only existing pop music university in China!! After the camp we kept in touch and then one day as we spoke on Facebook Liu asked me to come to China and perform my songs within the International Pop Music Forum 2010 in Chengdu, China, in October 2010!!! I immediately accepted his invitation, of course, feeling more than honoured and grateful for this unique opportunity! If you ask me what China was like I can only say: It was CRAAAAAAZY and so different from anything else I had seen, felt and done before:-D!!.. Honestly, one of the most exceptional experiences of my life so far! It was incredibly exciting to perform in front of more than 1200 music lovers, educators, students and industry people from China and around the world on a huuuuge stage together with a well-reharsed Chinese band full of passion for music! And on top of it all, me and the other international performers even got given a certificate of honour in a Chinese TV show, as well!!... Our 5 minutes on Chinese TV! Now how thrilling is that!??:-)... I am not the biggest fan of Chinese traditional food, I have to admit, but I absolutely fell in love with the Chinese people and pandas!!...LOL! You guys are the greatest hosts, friends, fans and teachers!! Shanghai was absolutely breathtaking, as well, where I had the most gorgeous Thai food and green tea icecream evaaaa;-)!!! THANKS 1000x to Liu and the Sichuan Conservatory of Music who made all this possible for me and my friends from Europe! I will upload pictures asap!!