About Jetty

Jetty is a vocalist, songwriter and composer from Berlin, Germany. From a very early age her dad exposed her to some of the most influential bands and songwriters in the history of pop music including Queen, The Alan Parsons Project, Genesis, Lionel Richie, Billy Joel and Chicago. Jetty began playing piano from the age of six. As a pre-teen she discovered her passion for singing and began performing with a wide variety of bands, ensembles and choirs. In university, Jetty studied jazz vocals and piano in Berlin, and later began to combine her knowledge of classical music and jazz with an innovative mix of Pop, R&B and (Neo-)Soul with jazz influences.

In 2007, Jetty moved to the UK, the cradle of pop music, to study Commercial Music at the University of Westminster in London. Here she thrived as a songwriter and artist by initiating collaborations with various producers such as Crada, Hank Hughes, Siggi Sigtryggsson, Gisli Kristjansson and Bharat Goel, and composed for orchestras and films. In 2011 Jetty graduated with an Honours degree as a recognized commercial recording artist and songwriter.

The catchy and timeless character of her songs have attracted the attention of artists like Raheem DeVaughn and Tony Yayo and labels such as G-Unit and Starting Lineup. In summer 2012 Jetty returned to her home city of Berlin. She continues to write and perform throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America.